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Top management
Oration from the General Manager


Mr. Shi Ke,
General Manger & Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of China Erzhong Group Company,
and Board Chairman of Heavy Equipment Ltd. 



Dear customers and friends from all walks of life,

Sincerely appreciate your long-term supports and attentions for China Erzhogn.

Sichuan, the land of abundance, abundant resource, the place propitious for giving birth to great men; beautiful scene, splendid culture.

China Erzong has “Good Timing”, it is an important backbone enterprise related to the national economy lifeline and national security; China Erzhong has “ Favorable Geography ”, it is located at Chengdu Plain with spacious fertile fields, plenty of energy source, and Yangtze River running. China Erzhong has “ Harmony of People ”, it has the managing level who arouse their all efforts to make our company prosperous, and employees with solidarity and diligence, all of us have the same target to create resplendence. For the past several decades, China Erzhong has made special contributions to our country, we are so gratified about these outstanding achievements. The most important thing that deserves our treasuring is the care and support from the leaders, customers and friends, it is you who help Erzhong has good living space, firm development foundation, deep corporate culture and strong develop potential. We devote all our’s attention to treasure each affectionateness and expectation exit during the long-term cooperation and communication.

Erzhong, is China’s Erzhong, is Erzhong people and Chinese people’s Erzhong. We will always remember our mission “Equip China, Create Excellence”, and carry forward our corporate spirit “Credit, Innovation, Fortitude & Thanksgiving”. I believe, by means of our harmonious living space, strong abilities in scientific research, advanced equipment level, perfect quality assurance system, clear management philosophy and superior teamwork spirit, we can for sure provide customers the products and service of top quality, dedicate more wisdoms and treasures to the society; we can for sure build Erzhong into a respectable modernized large corporation with good social benefits, good economic returns, and strong competitiveness, to create new miracles one after another in the equipment industry history.
We are strongly looking forward to your visit and cooperation, to help and promote each other.

     Wish our business more prosperous as times go on..
Wish our friendships grow day by day.

     With many thanks!
General manager and Secretary of Communist Party Committee: Shi Ke  

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