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Erzhong culture, which is growing up together with China Erzhong, has passed the construction phase in 50s, 60s and 70s of 20 century and the development phase in 80s and 90s. At present, Erzhong culture has entered a brand new stage with its constant pursuing heart, and took innovation as its main topic.As the times developing, with the changes of enterprise’s strategy and external environment, new spirit of China Erzhong has emerged as the times required. “Good faith, innovation, firm and resolute and feeling grateful”, this spirit not only reflects the innovation of China Erzhong, but also implicates the internationalized background requirement, embodies the stability and dynamic of enterprise’s spirit, the organically combination of succession and innovation, the permeation and counterbalance between unified culture and multi-culture, thus shaping a new values and criterion of conduct, manifestly showing the flexible strength of our enterprise.







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