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China Erzhong is the largest steel castings and forgings manufacturing base in China, and possesses modernized heavy duty equipments and facilities for smelting, foundry, forging, heat treatment, machining, as well as comprehensive inspecting and detecting methods and quality assurance system. China Erzhong has the capability to supply various kinds of castings and forgings with super quality in accordance with international and national standards. The complete sets of castings and forgings for large power stations are leading products in China Erzhong. In the past  fifty  years, China  Erzhong has supplied complete sets of forgings and castings respectively for Gezhouba water power station,  longyang gorge,  Ertan water power station, three gorges and other national water power station projects.  The biggest super-low carbon stainless steel Kaplan blade has been manufactured with single piece weight up to 40 tons. The water power heavy duty shaft was produced by using 260t of steel ingot and the single weight of this forging piece reached 150t. The quality of our products has reached the advanced level as the same as that of world's products of the same kind. China Erzhong has produced series of thermal power station rotors ranged from 2.5MW-700MW ( HP,MP and LP rotors ), protecting ring, runner forgings and water turbine HP & MP casing forgings in accordance with standards of GE Co., ASTM standard, Hitachi standard, JIS standard, German DIN standard and relevant national standards.


•1000MW generator rotor
•The casing for 1000MW nuclear power steam turbine
•The casing for 600MW-1000MW ultra-supercritical steam turbine
•Rotor for 100MW steam turbine generator
•The casting for 6MW-600MW steam turbine
•The rotors for 50MW-600MW steam turbine
•The runners for 10MW-180MW water turbine
•The main shaft & big shaft for 10MW-550MW water turbine
•The stainless steel and alloy steel blades for 10MW-700MW water turbine
•The stainless and alloy steel upper crown and lower ring for 10MW-550MW water turbine
•Heavy casting and forgings for various kinds of machinery equipment (50tons-500tons)

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