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Driving parts
Aviation die forgings
Nuclear power products

China Erzhong possesses the most advanced manufacturing capability for main equipment of nuclear island. Under this circumstances it has fulfilled the manufacturing of nuclear power  equipment for Lingao and Qinshan projects as well as some military projects respectively.  Further more, China Erzhong has obtained the manufacturing license for nuclear pressurized equipments of 1000 MW nuclear power plant, the designing and manufacturing license for pressure vessel Grade A1 & A2, and ASME U, U2,N & NPT certificates. In  recent years,  China Erzhong has possessed capability to produce hydrogenation reactor above thousand tons and has provided refining and hydrogenation reactor for Shanghai Jinshan Co. of Sinopec, coal-liquefying refining and hydrogenation reactor for Mongolia Shenhua Group, heavy duty refining and hydrogenation reactor with vanadium steel for Tianjin Sinopec, as well as many sets of heavy duty high pressure vessels.



•Nuclear pressurized equipments less than 1000MW  
•Large vessels for chemical industry
•Super high pressure vessels with Grade I、II and III
•Synthetic ammonia equipments with capacity of 100-500 thousand T/year
•Petro-chemical equipments with capacity of 12 milion tons/year
•Heavy duty complete sets of ethylene equipment
•Heavy duty complete sets of polyproplene equipment
•Heavy duty coal chemical equipment


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