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Driving parts
Aviation die forgings
Driving parts

China Erzhong possesses various kinds of machine tools and testing and measuring instruments with heavy and high-precise characteristics. It has the absolute advantages in China for researching, developing and manufacturing of the parts and components for the mechanical driving system. It can offer heavy duty gear wheels, medium hardened and hardened teeth surface gears and various kinds of reducers, the screw down worm gear pair, spherical double envelop worm and worm gear, Nimann worm  gear and worm, the heavy duty spline shaft, spline bushing, various kinds of racks, the mandrel shaft of the coiler, drum-shaped teeth couplings, drum-shaped teeth  spindles, and other spare parts of the machinery products. China Erzhong has the capability for designing & manufacturing of above 1.5MW speed increasing gearbox of wind power generation system and has become the largest domestic manufacturing base for speed-increasing gearbox of heavy duty wind power generation system and the main shaft of wind mill.

•Various kinds of general cylindrical gear
•Bevel gears
•Worm driving reducers
•Large main reducers for rolling mill
•Gear bases and screw down driving device (Including plane double envelope, spherical, and Nimann worm etc.)
•Standard & Non-standard reducers for metallurgy, mining, forging, light industry and other industries
•Heavy duty spline shaft, spline bushing
•Various kinds of racks
•Drum-shaped teeth couplings, and spindles
•Universal joint spindle
•Wind power gearbox

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