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Facility capability
>>Smelting facility
>>Foundry facility
>>Forging facility
>>Heat treatment facility
>>Welding facility
>>Main machining facility
Welding facility



• NC cutting machine,the cutting scope:7.5×16m,thickness:3-300mm 
• Narrow gap sub-merged welding machine MDG-1400,capacity:Φ6000mm
• ESAB narrow gap SAW machine 
• Sand-blasting room:6×6×15m,30tons
• Plate bending machine:40×3500mm,75×4000mm
• NC three-rollers bending machine:150×4000mm  
• Mute-functional welding machine:ALBR-1200
• Gas shielded welding machine(Semi-auto,Auto) 
• Argon arc welding machine(Semi-auto,Auto) 
• Argon arc welding machine:ZXT-400ST
• ESAB strip electrode cladding machine 
• Saddle-type SAW machine 
• Small pipe and elbow pipe inside cladding machine 
• Positioner with 60tons,100tons,150tons
• Far-infrared local area heat treatment 
• NC bending machine:WPE800/80
• Universal radial drilling machine:Z 3550
• Shape Steel sawing machine:G 4065X
• 50T roller bed:ZD-50
• Roller build-up welding machine:ZD-4000
• Sand-blasting room:4×4.5×10m
• Roller build-up welding machine head:A65
• Multi-functional welding machine:Aristo2000
• Welding roller frame:150t, 240t, 500t, 1000t

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