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Metallurgical Equipments

Metallurgical Equipment is one of the leading products of China Erzhong. Since 70th of the 20 century, China Erzhong has supplied a large amount of complete sets and production lines of  rolling  mill equipments  to  the  metallurgical  industries  in China, such as Wuyang Steel, Chongqing Steel, Benxi Steel, Anshan Steel, Wuhan Steel, Baosteel, Panzhihua Steel, Handan Steel,  Jinan Steel, Capital Steel,  Jiuquan Steel, Shaoguan Steel and etc. Among which, the 5000mm rolling mill for Bao Steel produced by China Erzhong is the largest rolling mill in China, the 2250 mm hot strip rolling mill produced for VAI, Austria produced by China Erzhong is the first complete set of metallurgical equipment been exported to Europe made in China in the field of national heavy industry. 



•2450-5500mm Heavy & medium size plate rolling mills
•11 Rolls hot straightener 
•Double side trimming shear 
•Sizing shear 
•High pressure water descaling equipment 
•500、950、1250、1450、1580、1680、1780、2050、2250mm hot strip rolling mills 
•Down coiler 
•Crop shear 
•350-1800mm Cold rolling mills
•1700mm Cold rolling mill line, pickling and galvanizing lines 
•Shearing group 
•250、350、400、500、650、750、850mm Medium and small size rolling mills 
•850/650mm Shape steel rolling mills 
•Heavy and medium size H beam steel rolling mills 
•Φ76-177mm Accu-Roll tube rolling mills and piercers 
•1300-2000mm Heavy & medium size slab continuous casting machines 
•Heavy and medium size beam blank & bloom continuous casting equipments 
•Thin slab continuous casting and rolling equipments 
•Duplicate blowing converter 
•Refining equipment outside the furnace 
•DC electrical arc furnace 
•Ladles and other smelting equipments


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