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Facility capability
>>Smelting facility
>>Foundry facility
>>Forging facility
>>Heat treatment facility
>>Welding facility
>>Main machining facility
Facility capability

China Erzhong is equipped with modernized equipment and has powerful manufacturing capability. It possesses 704 sets of manufacturing equipments and facilities which have characteristics of most advanced in the world, high  precise and heavy duty, for example, 160  MN and 120MN heavy hydraulic presses with its matching facilities of 80t and 60t electrical arc furnaces and 150t ladle refining furnace, 600t vacuum pouring chamber, Φ1.8×30m vertical  furnace,  heavy duty CNC flame cutting machine, heavy duty narrow gap submerged welding machine, Φ5×20m andΦ3.2×20m heavy duty CNC lathe,Φ3.15×33m heavy duty lathe, 30m  heavy duty deep hole trepanning machine, 5×17m and 5.5 × 15 m CNC gantry milling & boring  machines, Φ9m double-column vertical lathe, Φ14m vertical lathe, 100TM counter-blow  hammer,  roll grinding machine, CNC machining center, linear accelerator room and etc. which are national largest scale or unique cold & hot works machining and detecting  equipment . China Erzhong also has the transportation capability from 40 tons up to 800 tons by means of road, railway and water.



One pouring with 900t liquid steel from 5 ladles  at the same time



Rolling Mill Assembly



The 5 meters rolling mill housing for Baosteel is transported by China Erzhong



Hydrogenation reactor for Shanghai Jinshan Co. Is transported by China Erzhong

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