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ZhenJiang base of China Erzhong

ZhenJiang base of China Erzhong

Erzhong Group (Zhenjiang) Heavy Equipment Plant Ltd, whose construction has been commenced, is an important part of the strategy development planning “One Center, Two Bases”, and it is the strategic support to create Erzhong Group (Deyang) Heavy Equipment Ltd into a “ Lifetime Well-Known Corporation ” .

Erzhong Group (Zhenjiang) Heavy Equipment Plant Ltd is located at Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, of the Yangtze River Delta. Its geographical location is characterized by the quite convenient transport, the interjunction of Yangtze River and Jinghang Grant Canal is just here; Runyang Great Bridge runs through north and south; Jinglu Railway, Luning Express Highway, and 312 National Highway cross this city, on its West border 87 kilometers is Nanjing, its East border and Yangtze River estuary are about 300 kilometers apart.

Erzhong Group (Zhenjiang) Heavy Equipment Plant Ltd is composed of two main parts, which are heavy equipment wharf and bonded factory, it covers 200 hectares (approximately 3000 Mou), and its total investment is 8.0~8.5 billion RMB. After it is built, Erzhong Group (Zhenjiang) Heavy Equipment Plant Ltd will not only possess super large petrochemical vessels, nuclear power equipment, wind power equipment, heavy complete sets of equipment, ocean resource development equipment and ship machines with super strong manufacturing capacity of annual output tens of billion RMB, but also has transit shipment capacity of more than 1,300,000 tons annul throughput, and it will become an international first-class manufacturing base of extra large and heavy equipment beyond limit and a modern materials circulation center with river- sea combined transport for heavy & large equipments.

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